Beef Up Your Financial IQ with These 4 Free Online Resources

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This Wednesday, 9/15 is National Online Learning Day. And what better way to celebrate the week than to step our collective p***y up with a little financial education!

To build and maintain wealth over time, it will be necessary for you to approach all financial management—spending, saving, generating revenue, investing—in a different, more disciplined approach than anyone else around you. That requires action on your part, as opposed to mere belief, attitude, or personality.
Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D

“The Next Millionaire Next Door”

But don’t worry. We don’t need to become experts. We just need to have a high enough Financial IQ to be able to spot a snaky snake oil salesmen when he’s trying to sell us on financial services that aren’t in our best interest.

Here’s 4 online learning resources to get the party started!

1. “The Retirement Gamble” on PBS Frontline

  • COST: Free
  • TIME INVESTMENT: 45 minutes (after skipping past the opening and closing credits)

My financial education—back when HOMO Money was still “no HOMO”—started with learning some hard lessons in the 2008 real estate crash. After I’d started my government job, I was still timid about what to do with my money and needed someone to guide me, which usually in the form of any commission-based financial advisor. Then I came across the 2014 PBS special, “The Retirement Gamble” and it changed everything. That movie was the equivalent of my unplugging from the Matrix.

Watch it for free yourself on the PBS Frontline website. Or see it from the comforts of your living room watching it on the free PBS video app. For a sneak peak at this 45-minute exposé, check out the trailer:

2. A curated series of personal finance talks on TED Talks

  • COST: Free
  • TIME INVESTMENT: 88 minutes (or 58 minutes if watched at 1.5x speed)

TED stands for “Technology, Education, and Design,” which gives you an idea of the kind of thoughtful, personal development conference-y talks you’ll find here. TED Talks are great for taking an expert’s life’s work and boiling their finding into a short talk. Here’s a playlist of seven talks geared specifically toward “personal finance.” Like PBS, TED has an app for your smart TV, too.

3. The entertaining musings of Mr. Money Moustache (a.k.a. MMM or Triple M)

  • COST: Free
  • TIME INVESTMENT: 3+ days of fun binge reading

If unchecked, the comforts of modern living can lull us into a hypnotic sleep like a warm bath. So luckily, reading the punch-in-the-face directness of Mr. Money Moustache is a refreshing bucket of ice water to wake us the F up. As the Godfather of the Financial Independence movement, MMM’s blog is quoted by many as the thing they discovered and binged over the course of a weekend, starting with the earliest post in 2011 and working their way to present day.

4. Digging deeper with LinkedIn Learning

  • COST: $29.99/month or Free (see below)
  • TIME INVESTMENT: Months to years of continuous education

But Homo Money, I don’t have an account with LinkedIn Learning! I’m trying to save money!

No problem. Check out my article about how to score free stuff such as online education for a power tip on how to use your local library to get access to LinkedIn Learning. To give you a search of their catalog’s incredible depth, I just did a search of the words “personal finance” in the LinkedIn Learning search bar and it produced over 1,600 results! Because there’s so much in there, I might start by sorting the results by shortest or most recent courses first.

Sample courses on personal finance on LinkedIn Learning

I’d love to hear some of your favorite nuggets from any of the resources above! Or better yet, what’s ONE ACTION STEP you’re gonna take after exploring one of the resources above? Leave a comment below and who knows? You might just spark the curiosity for someone else to start their own financial metamorphosis.

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  1. Josh

    This is an excellent article, HomoMoney.

    I had no idea about LinkedInLearning !!

    I’m all over it.

    Thank you for your great advice.

    I’m very proud of all that you have achieved.
    I find it very admirable how you love to learn and share all that you’ve gleaned from that knowledge.

    Thank you

    • H.M.

      Thanks Josh! Keep us posted on what you’re learning. Or if you find any knowledge gaps that could be better explained, that might motivate a future blog post. Cheers!


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