7 Survival Tips If You Have to Buy a Car in 2022

Forgive me, Dave Ramsey, for I have sinned. No, not the gay thing, sweetie! I ain’t even tripping! No girl, after nearly 17 years of faithful frugality, I did the unthinkable… I bought a new car. My original plan was to wait for the supply shortages to recover before...

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Retiring Better with a Commune of Close Friends

Did you know that yesterday was National Friendship Day? I know what you may be thinking: “There’s too many silly holidays out there… National Donut Day, National Coloring Book Day… come on, man!” Nothing against donuts or coloring books, but National Friendship Day...

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Should I Pay Off My Home Early or Keep the Mortgage?

While journeying to the Opulence stage of life (the last letter of my H.O.M.O. lifestyle), many people will find themselves lucky enough to have this best of decisions to make. And after losing everything in the 2008 crash, that was a question I was considering too,...

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