Retire Sooner with These 3 Quick and Easy Recipes

This Saturday is National Cooking Day! And in honor of the fake internet holiday, let’s talk about food! But first, I want to share how food can affect our retirement.  For anyone wanting to reach OPULENCE– the HOMO Money stage where the compound interest of your...

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6 Ways to Make More than $924/Month on Airbnb

Happy Labor Day, y’all! This is a day that celebrates the contributions of American workers. Normally, for the Hustle category of this blog, I write about how to save money. But today, I'm writing about how to make extra money. Cha-Ching! Airbnb hosts make an average...

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How I Pump the Breaks on My Car Expenses

In the beginning… With blog posts dating back to 2011, Mr. Money Moustache is arguably the Godfather of the FIRE movement. His high savings rate made it possible for him to retire in his early 30s in Longmont, Colorado. And he’s known for biking year-round, even in...

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