Girrrrrl… Why Does Suze Orman Hate the FIRE Movement?

On an unsuspecting Fall afternoon in 2018, an icy wind whipped through the air and sent shockwaves through the FIRE community. It is a day that will live on in infamy. That was the day Paula Pant asked Suze Orman if she was familiar with the FIRE movement and Suze...

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3 Reasons to Swipe Right on Our Future Selves

Did you know that technology like the FaceApp wasn’t made simply to be a gimmick to get people to share viral social media content? It started with a team of researchers at Stanford studying our ability to identify with ourselves 20-30 years in the future and how that...

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My Superpower to Get to a Million Dollars… and Beyond!

Starting this weekend, hordes of Trekkies, Fanboys/Fangirls, and Cosplayers will descend upon Southern California like a swarm of collectible-hungry locusts. For those not familiar with what I’m referring to, this is the SuperBowl of San Diego’s tourism industry....

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